Wallace Idaho

City Leadership

lynn Mogensen


Kristina Larson

City Clerk/Treasurer

Amanda Trogden

Deputy Clerk

Elmer Mattila

City Council Member

  • Library Committee
  • Sewer Committee

Dave Deroos

City Council Member

  • Sheriff Committee

Rick Shaffer

City Council Member

  • Fire Committee

Dean Cooper

City Council President

  • Finance Committee
  • Sewer Committee

Michele Bisconer

City Council Member

  • Public Works Liaison


City Council Member

City Council Member since 2016

  • Parks & Rec Committee
    • Past projects:
      • Ordinance allowing chickens
      • City of Wallace website
    • Current & upcoming projects:
      • Community garden
      • Historic revitalization grant
      • City pool
      • Recycling
      • Electric vehicle stations
      • Dog park
      • City wireless internet

Cory Harshman

Public Works Overseer

jim roletto

City Engineer

Keisha Oxendine

City Attorney

City of Wallace

Your town yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge