Wallace Idaho

City Governance

City hall

All public meetings take place in our City Hall.

703 Cedar St.
Wallace, ID 83873

City Hall

City Hall circa 1941

Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge

City  Codes

Got a plan? Check the Codes first.

City Budget

Finacial Plan for the upcoming year.



In addition to posting our Legal Notices in the local paper, at City Hall on the doors, we are also posting our notices here.  For latest notice, please click on the file below.

Public Hearing Notice for Budget 

Notice of Hearing 323 Elm 






CITY FoRMS & Applications

Need to get something done?
There is a form for that.

If you need any assistance
please contact the City Clerk.

Street Closure Form

If you are planning to hold an event that will cause a street closure you will need to get approval from City Council first.

Catering Form

Alcohol catering permit for using your existing alcohol licence in a separate venue. These must be submitted to the City Clerk and accompanied with the $20 fee. This submission must be 1 week prior to a City Council meeting.  Your application will be presented at a City Council meeting prior to approval.  Your presence is requested to answer any questions from the Council or citizens.

Planning & Zoning Application Form

All exterior changes to the building/property need HPC approval.  Download this form, fill-out and return/email to City Hall to be put on the P&Z agenda for review.  A list of FAQ’s are included in this form.  Contact City Hall for any concerns or questions.

Variance Form

Building Permit Pre-application Form

City of Wallace

Your town yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge