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2021 General Election Information

 The upcoming City Election will be held November 2, 2021, with seats being filled on January 12, 2022.  The following seats are up for election:

Mayor: Currently held by Lynn Mogensen

Council Position #2: Currently held by Elmer Mattila

Council Position #4: Currently held by Rick Shaffer

Council Position #6: Currently held by Dean Cooper

Please note that in order to run for office, one must be a “Qualified Elector.”  A Qualified Elector is defined as follows:  Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, is a United States citizen and who has resided in the city at least thirty (30) days preceding the election at which he desires to vote (denoted as a primary residence) and who is registered within the time period provided by law (please remember your address on the voter registration card must match the address on the Candidate’s Declaration).  **  A person who owns property within the City, but resides outside of the city limits is not allowed to vote in a city election nor run for city office.

The candidate filing packet, write-in declaration of intent, withdrawal forms, candidate and write-in certification forms are all available on a state website, but still filed with the City Clerk.  Rather than each city developing their own candidate filing forms and other documents, this year we will be using the forms developed by the Secretary of State’s office in consultation with Association of Idaho Cities so there is greater consistency around the state.  Those forms can be found at

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Here for the History

Wallace has a deep and colorful history.  Wallace is known as the Silver Capital of the World.  Wallace was the hub of the Silver Valley where 21% of the world’s silver was mined. This boom brought all sorts of folks hoping to strike it rich.  Wallace was home to miners, loggers, brothels, and saloons. There are four museums devoted to Wallace’s history, and the entire town is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Books have been written about Wallace’s historic labor wars, wildfires, and unique independent wild west culture.

Come visit Wallace and ask anyone on the street for a story.  You are guaranteed to be educated, or at least entertained.

Wallace High School Band 1940

Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge

9 Mile Cemetery Rededication

Photo by: Lizzie Keitel

Wallace Residence 1898

Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge

Photo by: Lookout Pass

Here for the Recreation

Wallace is base camp for some of the most spectacular recreation in the Inland Pacific Northwest. We host campers, hunters, hikers, and bikers (with and without motors).  We are within 15 miles of 2 ski hills. Wallace boasts three nearby world class “rails-to-trails”: the Route of the Hiawatha and the Route of the Olympian for mountain bikers, and the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes for road bikers. The Silver Streak Zipline is building mountain biking trails on a mountain overlooking the town, and Silver Mountain has lift-served downhill mountain biking. We are surrounded by hundreds of miles of trails accessible to hikers, bicycles, horses, ATVs, and snowmobiles. If you prefer food and beverage recreation, Wallace has two microbreweries and many other excellent food and drink establishments.  All of this is within walking distance of your hotel, bed and breakfast or vacation rental.

Come visit Wallace and make it the base camp for your next adventure.

Here for the festivals

Wallace has historically been a place for a party. Modern times are no exception. We like to have fun all year round, so we host a myriad of festivals.  Some are educational and tame, others are loud and wild.

Come visit Wallace for one of our festivals.  Here is a small list of what happens every year:

  • Craft Beer Fest
  • Gyro Days / Lead Creek Derby
  • Statehood Parade and Celebration
  • Wallace Blues Festival
  • Huckleberry Festival & 5K Walk Run
  • Jeep Festival
  • Accordion Jubilee
  • Under the Freeway Flea Market
  • Wallace Bratfest
  • Fall for History Festival
  • Yuletide Festival
  • Ski Wallace Big Air Festival

Blues Fest

Photo by: Lizzie Keitel

Depot Days

Photo by: Lizzie Keitel

Bank Benefit

Photo by:  Fall For History

Wallace Flower Project

Photo by: Lizzie Keitel

Here for the Community

Some people come here and say “This is just like Mayberry.” We reply, “No this is just like Wallace.”  The sense of community runs deep with Wallace locals and transplants. We were born out of the rough and tumble hard rock mining times. However, this small community has a massive heart.  You are likely to know almost all your neighbors and may even dine with them at a restaurant or share a drink at one of the local pubs. If you child falls on their bike you may get a call before they are home to tell you themselves.

Come visit Wallace for adventure, but stay in Wallace for the community.

City of Wallace

Your town yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Photo By:  Barnard-Stockbridge